Airport Hubs and Growth

Connectivity is at the heart of what makes airlines successful. Regional airlines feed to national hubs. International airlines take on and ferry travellers across continents. But how does the success of airlines relate to the success of the places where they base their hubs? The globalised economy and rapidly developing new cities (in particularly in… Continue reading Airport Hubs and Growth

The Paradox of Sustainable Tourism

In this weeks issue of The Economist, there is an article titled “Travelling light” that we would like to recommend. Do read it. The Economist makes the point that travelling by itself is so polluting to the environment, that sustainable tourism does not make sense. To quote the article: “According to the World Tourism Organisation… Continue reading The Paradox of Sustainable Tourism

Long-term Macroeconomic Forecasts – Key Trends to 2050

Long-term forecasts and scenarios are vital for businesses that are making strategic business decisions over long time frames, and even though we know they are only approximations, we can learn quite a lot from macroeconomic models. Macroeconomists develop models that explain the relationship between such factors as national income, output, consumption, unemployment, inflation, savings, investment,… Continue reading Long-term Macroeconomic Forecasts – Key Trends to 2050

How the World Population is changing

The Economist has published an infograph video showing how the world population has been changing since the 1950s, and how it is predicted to change until 2050. In what way is the planet´s population changing?

The Current State of Globalisation

The Economist this week (Oct 15 issue) includes a special report on the world economy, where an important conclusion is that the forward march of globalisation has paused since the financial crisis, with nations states and trade unions returning to a more conditional, interventionist and nationalist model. According to The Economist, a simple measure of… Continue reading The Current State of Globalisation