Open Innovation

Innovation is a key to the future.  To manage innovation companies judge projects on their technical and business merits,  on ever stricter criteria. This is  a ruthless process, in which many great ideas are generated at first,  then nurtured then in many cases… abandoned. Only a limited number of projects finally emerge from the project… Continue reading Open Innovation

Partnerships in action : Bearing introduces AHHHA

It is difficult to develop the best solutions in the vacuum, therefore we at Bearing know how important is to work with partners around the world.  Partnerships allow us to combine external innovative way of thinking and our long experience consulting for clients. I am pleased to share with you that recently we started partnering… Continue reading Partnerships in action : Bearing introduces AHHHA

Bearing teams up with Innovation Plant

Innovation Plant is a Swedish firm focusing on the advancement of innovations within companies. They help clients evolve and develop creativity and innovation, shifting focus from the importance of the idea to the importance of using the right tools to realise the idea. The Innovation Plant model helps clients produce more innovations in a shorter… Continue reading Bearing teams up with Innovation Plant