Bearing at your Service

We deliver our services in four focus areas; Places & Regions, Bank & Finance, Corporate Innovation and Venture Innovation. We service our clients with a long term perspective and with consideration to strategic fit. It is fundamental to Bearing that we grow with our client by getting to know them, their organisations and their business objectives and providing the highest quality work and added value services.


We have several proven solutions based on work beyond best practices and methodologies anchored in academic research and solid experience within each of our focus areas of expertise. Over the past decade, Bearing has worked on projects across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and East and Southeast Asia. We are flexible in our approach, and one of our key strengths is our ability to align people and disparate interests in a united manner and reach a consensus around unified goals and strategies. Our approach is to follow this through by assisting with the execution of our clients’ business objectives.

We have close cooperation with academic and research institutions and with many international and regional innovation systems. Some of our consultants have academic careers in parallel with their consulting practices.


Innopro Consulting, based in Barcelona Spain, develops projects within the framework of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.
Place branding and development agency based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Innovation consulting firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering creative business solutions based on research, in-depth analysis and demonstrated best practise
Business network for Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs, based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Consulting company working with innovation management & technology commercialization, based in Darmstadt, Germany and focusing on the East European market.
A Stockholm, Sweden based innovation company, helping clients to evolve and develop creativity and innovation