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Venture Innovation

In the Venture Innovation Focus Area, we provide services related to company lifecycle support and venture capital. In the lifecycle of a business, it is important to be clear on the vision and strategy and work according to business plans that take the company in the wanted direction. This may sound obvious, but many companies tend to get stuck in developing “more of the same”.

As decision makers, most business people tend to stay with what we know and continue to work in ways that we feel are familiar within our comfort zone. The problem with this is, the world around us does not stop and continues to change. This is more true in the hyper competitive global markets of the 21st century than it has ever been before.

In order to achieve the future wanted position, it is important to be clear on owner and corporate vision, and have this firmly anchored and understood by all key people in the organisation, and to work according to business plans that take the company in the wanted direction.

Key decisions to make are if the business should be a product company or services company, if it should stay B2B or also work B2C and most important, what sweet spot to target to achieve success.

Strategic Planning

When you started your business, you succeeded from a basic idea or an initial business plan. This strategy may no longer hold or fully take advantage of the current opportunities that your organization face. Every now and then in the growth of a business, it is time to revisit the strategy and re-think objectives and how to achieve them, in order to scale up ambitions for the current reality.

Strategy Review

We provide an independent high level analysis of our clients organization, financial situation, market, customers, partners and/or distribution network and competitor analysis. We also analyze products and solutions and the intellectual capital in the business idea.

Alignment Process for Stakeholders

Very often, key stakeholders in a business have different perception of the company vision and of the strategy to achieve objectives. For long term success, especially during high growth and with a changing environment bringing new challenges, it is imperative that all key stakeholders share a common view and work in the same direction. We have extensive experience of helping organizations achieve this.

Project Planning Execution & Follow Up

When the business strategy is re-aligned and tested and key stakeholders are in agreement, then it is time to execute the strategy. We have the capacity to help with business planning and execution, whether it is establishment of new distribution channels, extension to new market segments or international expansion. We can help either as advisors or, if you for the moment lack the right internal resources, we can help with project management.

Corporate Finance

In corporate finance services, we help you find money to run the business, grow the business, make acquisitions, plan your business financial future and manage excess cash on hand. Our engagement creates value for your company. Often the first phase of a corporate finance engagement is to help you update your business plans and enhance your value proposition.

Evaluation, Valuation, Assets

Structuring three elements will triangulate a valuation:
  • 1. Adjusted discounted cash flow
  • 2. Peer valuations
  • 3. Strategic value to an investor
The third point is extremely relevant as a sound enterprise evaluation will provide an investor the confidence to utilize the company's platform for acquisition oriented growth, which leads to traditionally higher price/earnings multiples for their return on equity in public traded markets. An enterprise evaluation is conducted on the Company's people, processes and its products/market. Its purpose is to understand potential weaknesses and establishintegrity for the business valuation.

Fund Raising

A key to successful funding is to select the right investor for the business. After completion of the enterprise evaluation, a profile for a target investor or investment company can be established. The investment memorandum will be structured within the parameters of the investor profile. Bearing will then be available to assist in negotiating a term sheet with the investor and assisting with issues related to due diligence and closing contracts.

M&A Preparation & Execution

Our consultants have participated in numerous mergers and acquisitions in both Europe and United States, and we have extensive experience of the process from both the buy and sell side, and in both large and small companies.

Project Management

Many good ideas, concept and ventures have failed due to poor execution. Project management and areas related to project management are a key-competence in Bearing. Our consultants have successfully delivered or helped to enable delivery of numerous complex and time-critical projects for our customers.

Interim Management

Interim Management provides you with the right resource at the right moment, without the need to go through a time consuming and expensive recruitment process. Interim Management is also about having access to excellent, experienced resources, who might not be available for hire for long term positions.

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