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Develops helps customers achieve higher value from their technology investment while maintaining operational control.

Megasol is a provider of innovative banking software for managing financial institutions including private and offshore banks, investment services, payment services, trust companies and funds.

Excelsior Firm is a global advisory and capital brokerage company.


Bank & Finance

Within the focus area Bank & Finance we work in close cooperation with our clients to achieve results in alingment with agreed objectives. Our ambition is to reduce project risks and give our sponsors safe and personal success. Our clients are often large financial institutions, such as banks or insurance companies.

Our principal success factor is to offer senior and highly motivated resources and teams tailored for the specific needs of our clients. All of our consultants have a minimum of ten years experience from line management, project management or expert knowledge.

We provide organizations with a set of services and while knowing that each assignment is unique we have grouped our offerings in the following cateogires:

Strategy development

We have assisted a number of banks and other financial institutions in researching and developing strategies for their expansion in the domestic market and internationally. Internationalisation strategy development has become one of Bearing’s core competencies and we have a team of consultants in place with expert knowledge and skills to assist firms in the financial sector with their geographical expansion, as well as a tried and tested methodology.

Any banks’ expansion requires careful positioning in order to ensure success, both within and beyond the domestic market. It is with this in mind, we believe that identifying a partner in certain jurisdictions is a very powerful strategic option in that it allows our clients to establish early presences in some of the world’s most vibrant economies, and also to benefit from the partners local expertise.

Bearing, through our extensive international network of clients and other contacts, is able to identify such partners and successfully broker partnership agreements as an independent mediator. Such partnerships allow our clients to capitalise on their current positions of strength, while positioning them to become dominant players in the financial sectors in new markets.

Project finance

Within the area of project finance, we are dedicated to creating or increasing financial value for our clients. We focus on structuring and managing finance related business using our expertise in strategic planning, corporate and structured finance, corporate law and business operations. We provide innovative thinking, comprehensive experience, personal dedication and a large contact network of business partners and investors across the world.

Each business case begins with a series of meetings to assess the extent to which we can add value and offer a strong value proposition. Based on the knowledge we gain through the initial meetings, we then prepare a proposal for how we can help. Once mutually agreed, the proposal serves as an operating plan, stipulating resources, objectives, timeline, deliverables, dependencies, limitations, and compensation.

Domain expertise services

Basing decisions on everything from day-to-day issues to the strategic direction of your organization is something one wants to do with as good information as possible available. Domain expertise is more than what is available in text books or Internet, it is knowledge based on extensive practical experience within a specific field. Bearing Consulting helps you to remove uncertainty by providing you with domain experts in several areas.

Our competencies includes areas such as innovative product development, asset management front and middle office operations, performance measurements and attribution methodologies, financial risk management methodologies, front, middle and back office business processes, compliance and regulatory expertise.

New regulations

Driven by the credit crunch and financial crises in the banking sector, a number of new regulations have been introduced in recent years. Some of them originate from Europe, some from United States and in the hyper-competitive market they are all more or less applicable globally. In Bearing, we help our clients analyze the impact of these regulations, and to implement them as applicable.

Project Services

Many good ideas, concept and ventures have failed due to poor execution. Project management and areas related to project management are a key-competence in Bearing Consulting. Our consultants have successfully delivered or helped to enable delivery of numerous complex and time-critical projects for our customers.

Our competencies includes areas such as programme and project management services, project methodology, definition and implementation services, project quality assurance services, roject management training and mentorship services.

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