Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

Below is a fascinating Infographic about the top technology trends for 2015 and predictions of where digital business will be in the next five years. The image is from and is based on forecasting of trends by Gartner. Enjoy!

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The Importance of the Summer Holiday

With the “better” summer weather upon us here in Europe our thoughts at this time of the year turn to the holidays. Europeans are very lucky compared to many in the world as we tend to take 2-3 weeks holiday, usually over the summer period. Others cultures view this long period of low productivity and… Continue reading The Importance of the Summer Holiday

Weirdest Hotel Requests And Complaints

Even though good customer service is one of the main conditions for success in any business, it is particularly important in the hotel industry where guests are looking to staff to help them make their stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible. And staff in hotels all over the world really does go out of… Continue reading Weirdest Hotel Requests And Complaints

Trend Alert: Man-Made Travel Destinations

Some travel destinations are simply “born with” assets such as beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making them established and overcrowded. Throughout history these places didn’t really have to fight for attention or fight competition. In recent years, however, fuelled by innovations caused by digitalization and the Internet, a new kind of travel… Continue reading Trend Alert: Man-Made Travel Destinations

Smart Travel

Today the tourism industry contributes more than 9% to the world’s GDP and one out of every 11 jobs, and it is growing faster than other segments of the global economy. The 21st-century traveller has high expectations when it comes to efficiency and a low tolerance for barriers to global mobility. Unfortunately, travel infrastructure and… Continue reading Smart Travel

The Rise of Innovation Districts

Today the Brookings Institute, an American think thank based in Washington, released  "The Rise of Innovation Districts," a new report analysing the trend and importance of urban innovative areas in United States. It is a very well written document, and spot on with the approach and methodology Bearing have been working with for 15 years.… Continue reading The Rise of Innovation Districts