Social Disruption Starts – Today 11 Years ago

11 years ago today, someone named Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CNBC to discuss an online social network that had 100K users. Facebook quickly grew from a site run from a Harvard dorm room into the Web’s largest social network. Mark Zuckerberg on CNBC April 29, 2004   I signed up to the network in 2005… Continue reading Social Disruption Starts – Today 11 Years ago

The Eureka Moment

In this blog post, we will take a journey from a creative moment in the life of Archimedes, to the recent breakthrough of social media. Underlying the text but not explicitly described are the complexities of “big data”. Eureka is a ancient Greek work, translating as “I have found it”. This statement is attributed to… Continue reading The Eureka Moment

The fuzzy logic of HR

I recently had a conversation with a colleague of mine; a well renowned professor in architecture and city development, about the best practice approach to building new offices. Work environment designers are more often than not designing the space from an outside in perspective rather than inside out – basing the design on current trends… Continue reading The fuzzy logic of HR

Kenya into the knowledge economy

In the past 48 hours I have got a glimpse of the reality of recent economic development in eastern Africa, and it is impressive. It has been some years since I was in Nairobi last time and what I found this time shows the power of rapid economic growth combined with a young populations ability… Continue reading Kenya into the knowledge economy

What business can learn from organized crime and 2500 years old Chinese art of war

The thought might be provoking; however, organized crimes and Chinese art of war have things in common and might serve as inspiration for modern business strategies in order to cope with today’s hypercompetitive markets. The idea that business can learn from the unseemly related subjects is intriguing and highly relevant. Sun Tzu and other more… Continue reading What business can learn from organized crime and 2500 years old Chinese art of war

Cunning new blog strategy

I’ve been following corporate blogging strategies for about as long as blogging has been around and indeed have been involved in a few. To date I haven’t seen one with the subtlety and panache of Metrotwin Mumbai (also on twittter) which I picked up from Domnic Twyford’s blog. Metrotwin Mumbai twins bloggers from London and… Continue reading Cunning new blog strategy