Beyond “Triple Helix” – towards “Quad Helix”

In this blog post, we present our views on the challenges with the Triple-Helix model for innovation system development and we present the Quad Helix approach which we have found to be more efficient and true to real life challenges. The ideas in the blog post are developed by Christer Asplund and Jörgen Eriksson in… Continue reading Beyond “Triple Helix” – towards “Quad Helix”

Executive training in Place Management for SISP

March 21-22, Bearing has given an executive training course in place management for the Swedish incubators and science parks organization. The venue was Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. The executive training was attended by the science parks in western Sweden and focused on the importance of place management. During the two-day session, we have had… Continue reading Executive training in Place Management for SISP

“Margin call”

Beginning in 2008, we have an ongoing financial crisis in the world which is the worst of its kind since the Great Depression. The crisis became prominently visible in the autumn 2008 with the failure, merger or nationalization of several large American based financial firms. The global economy suffers from this crises ever since. Yet,… Continue reading “Margin call”

The TicTalk conference 2011

This week, I have taken part in the TicTalk conference in Čakovec in north eastern Croatia. The conference was arranged at the Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje run by Bojan Pecnic and organised by the Regional Development Agency REDEA. The conference main topics were innovative development and good examples for Technology and Innovation Centres, and I… Continue reading The TicTalk conference 2011

An exciting Place Management challenge: the “Beyond”- Dimension

You can hardly read Financial Times without noticing that businesses tend to communicate all sorts of “Beyond”-dimensions as part of their corporate image. Today (September 21), we read, for instance, that Huawei brings to you the following message: “We see beyond technology!” The Huawei intention is to see customers and their needs far beyond the… Continue reading An exciting Place Management challenge: the “Beyond”- Dimension

The new generation of PR

PR has, generally spoken, changed over time and become more complex as the possibilities of interacting and building relations has exponential increased over time. Old truth might still be truth but often simplified approaches not possible to apply other than as isolated events. Today building relationship impacting specific target groups is a holistic challenge, not… Continue reading The new generation of PR