The launch of the year

The 20th of October, Christer Asplund and Jacob Ikkala, together with Bearing Consulting Ltd, launch the new book “Place Management – New Roles for Place Managers in Rebuilding European Wealth”! In the new book of Christer Asplund, senior advisor at Bearing Consulting Ltd and one of Europe’s leading authorities on place management, he deals with… Continue reading The launch of the year

Urbanisation in China

The Economist has published the video below, about how China’s citizens are moving from the countryside into cities in record numbers, boosting the economy but making party leaders uneasy. Urbanisation in China

The Competitive Advantage of Nations

‘”Michael Porter reaches his conclusions the old fashioned way: he earns them through solid research. The lessons of the book are sharp and deep.” – Robert M. Solow, Nobel Laureate in Economics, MIT National prosperity is created, not inherited. It does not grow out of a country’s natural endowments, its labor pool, its interest rates,… Continue reading The Competitive Advantage of Nations

Digital Collaboration Arenas

“The strength of the enhancing system depends greatly on an array of intangible assets. These include the internal dynamic of the regional, socio-cultural, and political assets; the informal flow of knowledge between different parties generating the bulk of territorialized externalities; and the opportunities for the region to build and keep its distinctive competence” (Michael Storper… Continue reading Digital Collaboration Arenas

Innovation Policy for Developing Countries

The World Bank has published a book titled Innovation Policy – A Guide for Developing Countries, which offers a detailed conceptual framework for understanding and learning about technology innovation policies and programs and their implementation in different countries. Innovation in all its forms, particularly technological innovation, has become a crucial driver of growth, enhancing competitiveness… Continue reading Innovation Policy for Developing Countries

Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years in 4 Minutes

The video below is an excerpt from a BBC documentary published on Youtube last week, which takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the wonderful world of statistics to explore the remarkable power thay have to change our understanding of world history. It is presented by superstar Professor Hans Rosling, whose eye-opening, mind-expanding and funny… Continue reading Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years in 4 Minutes

Place analytics

This is part of a semantic analysis of terms used to refer to the City of Stockholm in blogs over the past 8 years. What you see here is in fact the top level view of the data. It’s based on a very small sample. I didn’t have the time to set up a crawler… Continue reading Place analytics

Zero Carbon Goal – The need for Energy Innovation

At the TED2010 conference recently, Bill Gates unveiled his vision for the world’s energy future, describing the need for “miracles” to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he’s backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050. The TED talk is in the video below. Bill Gates… Continue reading Zero Carbon Goal – The need for Energy Innovation

Richard Florida on The Rise of the Creative Class

Richard Florida is an is an American urban studies theorist. His focus is on social and economic theory and he is best known for his concept of the creative class and its implications for urban regeneration. In the video below, from San Diego´s Forum on the Future in 2008, Florida spells out about how the… Continue reading Richard Florida on The Rise of the Creative Class