Quad Helix in practice in Grythyttan

Introduction In a previous post on this blog, Jörgen Eriksson and I introduced the Quad Helix model. It is a conceptual model which we have developed in Bearing to explain successful cooperation of government, academia, business and the civil sector for place management and place development, and also introducing the importance of “talents”. In our… Continue reading Quad Helix in practice in Grythyttan

Five design Elements for Successful Development of Science Parks

At the moment, May 2012, there are 388 science parks in the world. Almost all of them have been established during the recent 30 years. Clearly, science parks are an important component in the development of the knowledge economy and thereby sustainable economic growth. Based on our general experience from many innovation system projects we… Continue reading Five design Elements for Successful Development of Science Parks

The new Cathedrals

In ancient past, it was under the baobab tree, around the fireplace, or by the warmest room in the cave. In Athens it was the agora, the main square. In the days of ancient Rome it was the Forum or the baths. During the dark ages it was the markets, guilds and bazaars. In medieval… Continue reading The new Cathedrals

Third Generation (3G) Innovation Environment

Bearing has gained vast experience from projects world-wide within the area of open innovation environments. The reward for us in this arena is that we are able to contribute to sustainable growth and globalization of both regions, corporations and SMEs. By practicing our well-proven Open Innovation Framework Methodology we help our clients increase their efficiency… Continue reading Third Generation (3G) Innovation Environment

Conference on Place Excellence in Izmir

On On Thursday 5 April, Bearing participated in a conference on place excellence in Izmir in Turkey. The conference was arranged by Muhterem İlgüner who collaborates with Bearing in the local market, through his company Brandassist, and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. The speakers at the conference were Muhterem İlgüner, Christer Asplund and Jörgen Eriksson… Continue reading Conference on Place Excellence in Izmir

Beyond “Triple Helix” – towards “Quad Helix”

In this blog post, we present our views on the challenges with the Triple-Helix model for innovation system development and we present the Quad Helix approach which we have found to be more efficient and true to real life challenges. The ideas in the blog post are developed by Christer Asplund and Jörgen Eriksson in… Continue reading Beyond “Triple Helix” – towards “Quad Helix”

Executive training in Place Management for SISP

March 21-22, Bearing has given an executive training course in place management for the Swedish incubators and science parks organization. The venue was Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. The executive training was attended by the science parks in western Sweden and focused on the importance of place management. During the two-day session, we have had… Continue reading Executive training in Place Management for SISP

Innovation in Place Management

Along with Place Branding and Place Development, successful Place Management is fundamental to the process to achieve Place Excellence. During the last few decades Place Management has developed from a few simple quantifiable elements into the complex art of attraction develop­ment. This means that, besides tangible and hard factors that are easy to measure, a… Continue reading Innovation in Place Management

International Place Branding Conference in Utrecht January 19-20 2012

One of Holland’s oldest cities – Utrecht – was host to the special session International Place Branding Conference on January 19-20, 2012 which is supported by the Institute of Place Management, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. This was the first place-dedicated conference I have attended, and on top of it Marius Sylvestersen and I had… Continue reading International Place Branding Conference in Utrecht January 19-20 2012