Finland’s new ’emoji diplomacy’

Finland made international headlines this week with its release of 30 country-branding emojis, in an unique and typically quirky twist on regular promotion efforts. Said to reflect aspects of the Finnish national character, the list includes a sauna emoji,  a Nokia ‘brick phone’ emoji, and the ‘headbanger’ emoji, which is the particular favourite of Petra… Continue reading Finland’s new ’emoji diplomacy’

Place Brand and Management Training in Uppsala

Bearing had the opportunity to give a  Place Brand and Management training session for the political leadership in the city of Uppsala in Sweden this week. The half day session was highly appreciated and we shared methodology and tools with the participants, and ignited a very interesting dialogue about the vision and opportunities of the… Continue reading Place Brand and Management Training in Uppsala

Culture and Heritage–Transmitting Place Identity Through Museums

Much of place identity is communicated through its heritage, of which museums form a significant part. A local or national museum can convey a great deal about a place: about its values, its priorities and how it sees itself, both in an historical and a contemporary sense. Today’s post is based around a recent interview… Continue reading Culture and Heritage–Transmitting Place Identity Through Museums

Place Branding of Uppsala

Bearing has won a contract to analyse and recommend the components of an updated place brand for the city of Uppsala in Sweden. This is a follow-on assignment from the strategy  analysis project which we are working on for Uppsala county and Uppsala city since January this year. The global competition of cities is estimated… Continue reading Place Branding of Uppsala

Innovation Districts at Future of Places Conference

In June 2014, the Brookings Institute released The Rise of Innovation Districts, a new report analysing the emerging trend of a new urban model. We wrote an article about the new report last year. Innovation districts is a recent trend in urban planning that has emerged as a new model to stimulate economic growth in… Continue reading Innovation Districts at Future of Places Conference

New Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

Like any capital city, Zagreb in Croatia have a number of fine museums. From the archaeological museum which is home to a fascinating variety of collections, including items from prehistoric times such as Vucedol, Greek and Roman times and the Medieval period, as well as an Egyptian Mummy and a superb collection of coins, notes… Continue reading New Museum of Illusions in Zagreb

The Worlds Most Beautiful Cities

The Ideal City by Fra Carnevale, c. between 1480-1484. The Ideal City is a 15th-century painting usually attributed to the architect and artist Fra Carnavale. It was most likely executed for the Ducal Palace of Urbino, commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino. The Duke was one of the most successful condottieri of the… Continue reading The Worlds Most Beautiful Cities

Visions of Digital Culture

I recently visited the Archaeological Museum in Pula, which is undergoing an ambitious reconstruction, driven by the dynamic Director Darko Komso. Pula is not alone in rethinking how museums present their collections and interact with the public. Successful museums are creating relationships with visitors that extend before and after the visit. Today there is an… Continue reading Visions of Digital Culture

Nairobi Railway City Conference

Bearing have this week attended and presented at an important conference in Kenya, hosted by United Nations Habitat. The purpose of the conference was to agree a strategic action plan on a key piece of former railway land adjacent to the Nairobi Central Business District. Senior representatives from Bearing met with their counterparts from the… Continue reading Nairobi Railway City Conference