Globalisation and The Shifting Costs of Manufacturing

“As if Japan weren’t small enough to begin with, I fail to understand why it is necessary to think of it in even smaller units. No matter where I go in the world, although I can’t speak any foreign language, I don’t feel out of place. I think of the earth as my home. If… Continue reading Globalisation and The Shifting Costs of Manufacturing

The New Reality of Business

Today whilst on a quite long, enjoyable drive through a sunny, rural Sweden in a rented Volvo, I listened to a program on Swedish radio hosted by Björn Wahlroos, PhD in Economics and Chairman of the mighty Nordea Bank amongst other roles. He spoke about globalisation, the technological revolution and the challenges to regain economic… Continue reading The New Reality of Business

Whiskey Innovation Radar

Many industries mistakenly connect business innovation only with product development or traditional R&D. In fact business innovation has a much wider range of applications. Business innovation is about New Value, not New Things, it is relevant only if it creates value for customers – and therefor for the firms. Innovation can take place in any… Continue reading Whiskey Innovation Radar


On the 4th to 6th December 2013, the Bearing team attended the successful EBN (European Business Network) Tech Camp 2013 event in Rovereto, northern Italy. The three day event was organised by EBN for Business & Innovation Centres, Incubators, Accelerators and similar organisations whose clients are new or early-stage companies growing innovative businesses. Providing innovation… Continue reading EBN TECH CAMP 2013

The Swedish wood industry annual event 2013

Träslaget is a two day annual event and meeting place where professionals, businesses, organizations, and higher education from the Swedish wood industry converge in Nässjö, in the geographical centre of the industry. The event includes lectures, networking and meetings transfer of knowledge and experience exchange on the latest technologies, methods, design, product development and business… Continue reading The Swedish wood industry annual event 2013

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

We live in a world with 196 nations and even though we live in peaceful times, they all compete for investors, talents and visitors. Nations have always competed with each other, just as companies compete for business and individuals compete for the most interesting jobs. Within these nations, the global competition of places is estimated… Continue reading The Rise and Fall of Great Powers

Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abu Dhabi

On March 13th, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Bearing and Emirates Experts Consulting, organised a seminar on Innovation Driven Competitive Advantages, with the attendance of Executives from more than 100 companies and establishments operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and a number of Managers and Directors from the… Continue reading Seminar at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Abu Dhabi

The Third Industrial Revolution

“Nations exist not only as functions of a particular kind of territorial state or the aspiration to establish one … but also in the context of a particular stage of technological and economic development” – Eric Hobsbawm The breakthrough in development that we call the industrial revolution was closely linked to a small number of… Continue reading The Third Industrial Revolution

Tom Peters – Re-Imagine!

“I´m 60 years old as I write. I have been doing my thing for well over a quarter of a century. I have achieved some degree of acclaim. At this point, I don´t have to write a book. My speaking and consulting gigs keep me busy to the breaking point and beyond. So why am… Continue reading Tom Peters – Re-Imagine!