The hidden resource that will bring Europe back in Business

The root of the financial situation of Europe is an unrealistic idea of how competiveness is created. It is locally created based on comparative advantages possible to elaborate and develop into a sustainable and profitable growth. Read more in our new trend watch (Swedish only)

Keynes and long term accountability

During the summer 2011 we have witnessed a dramatic increase in European and American national deficit crises. It is a macro economic crisis, with national governments unable to manage national debts. Governments have been allowed to fund themselves through borrowing since the 1930s, when John Maynard Keynes proposed that inadequate aggregate demand could lead to… Continue reading Keynes and long term accountability

Joseph Nye on global power shifts

Historian and diplomat Joseph Nye  is an American political scientist and former Dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In the speech below filmed as a TED Talk in July 2010, Joseph Nye offers sharp insights into the way nations take and cede power and he gives us a fascinating… Continue reading Joseph Nye on global power shifts

Internet Innovation and the Future of Banking

Banking policy tends to focus on banking in an economic context. In reality the future of banking and banking policy is now a consumer and customer context. This is not simply because of the role the public has played in maintaining stability in the recent crisis. It is because the commercial and enterprise world is… Continue reading Internet Innovation and the Future of Banking

The future of attitude

In the old days, well…. even today, we understood attitudes and opinions through surveys. Over the past year I’ve been involved in designing and developing a project that would allow us to identify global attitudinal changes through volunteered web data. The future of attitude, we argue, is discoverable through what people say and do online.… Continue reading The future of attitude