Opal Exchange Monaco – Networking at its best

“It’s not about what you know — it’s about who you know.” Monday and Tuesday this week, I attended Opal Exchange Monaco, an invitation only event held annually at Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. I have attended the event before, but this year the arranger Opal had outdone themselves. The quality and level of people… Continue reading Opal Exchange Monaco – Networking at its best

Quality Assurance

In Bearing, we have a system with peer review of our work. Projects are developed through project processes with built in quality checks, and then all deliverables are checked by a senior consultant, and deliverables by a senior consultant are checked by a Director or Partner. When we do this, we say we do Quality… Continue reading Quality Assurance

China’s Growth Is Slowing

China released grim economic data this weekend suggesting that the economy will further weakness in the months ahead. The worst of the data concerns industrial production, which slowed to its lowest level since the crises year 2008. According to Westpac’s Singapore-based strategist Jonathan Cavenagh, over the weekend China released industrial production (IP), fixed asset investment… Continue reading China’s Growth Is Slowing

The Importance of the Summer Holiday

With the “better” summer weather upon us here in Europe our thoughts at this time of the year turn to the holidays. Europeans are very lucky compared to many in the world as we tend to take 2-3 weeks holiday, usually over the summer period. Others cultures view this long period of low productivity and… Continue reading The Importance of the Summer Holiday

Weirdest Hotel Requests And Complaints

Even though good customer service is one of the main conditions for success in any business, it is particularly important in the hotel industry where guests are looking to staff to help them make their stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible. And staff in hotels all over the world really does go out of… Continue reading Weirdest Hotel Requests And Complaints