Emerging and Frontier Markets Investment Perspectives

Today I attended a full-day workshop in Monaco, about the current state of emerging and frontier markets. The workshop was led by Dr. Marcus Goncalves from Nichols College, and it was not about investment ideas or recommendations. Instead, it was about analysing the fundamental global macroeconomic forces and trends which enables us to better understand… Continue reading Emerging and Frontier Markets Investment Perspectives

Place Branding of Uppsala

Bearing has won a contract to analyse and recommend the components of an updated place brand for the city of Uppsala in Sweden. This is a follow-on assignment from the strategy  analysis project which we are working on for Uppsala county and Uppsala city since January this year. The global competition of cities is estimated… Continue reading Place Branding of Uppsala

Summer Reading List – Inspired by Greece

One of my first acts when I wake up in the morning is to check the latest with BBC news on my iPhone. As most mornings this summer, I woke up with headline news about the Greek debt crises. Not surprisingly, the European Union´s finance ministers could not agree on a new Greek bailout last… Continue reading Summer Reading List – Inspired by Greece

Guy Verhofstadt Plenary Speech on Greece

We often write about the European Union on this blog, as we work with development and assessment of EU projects. Being a non-aligned consultancy we have not commented on Greece yet, however being proponents of responsible place management, we need to share the video below from a speech in the European Parliament today. It really… Continue reading Guy Verhofstadt Plenary Speech on Greece

Zlarin – The Croatian Coral Centre Project

“Coral reefs represent some of the world’s most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life: without them many of the sea’s most exquisite species will not survive.” – Sheherazade Goldsmith, English environmental activist and author Zlarin is a small island of the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, almost in the very… Continue reading Zlarin – The Croatian Coral Centre Project

Challenges for Stockholm – Planning a Complete Region

Stockholm is one of the five fastest growing regions in Europe, with a current population of 900,000 in the inner city and 2 million in the county. 525,000 people work in the city, which is the economical centre of Scandinavia with the largest gross regional product and most multinational companies. Innovation is at the forefront… Continue reading Challenges for Stockholm – Planning a Complete Region

Europe´s Investment Paradox

The Eurozone has recently grown faster than the United States, but despite improved economic conditions there is little sign of companies increasing investment. As investments are necessary in times of fierce globalisation, Europe may fall further behind in competitiveness. In general, as can be seen in the chart below, CFO´s in European companies are optimistic… Continue reading Europe´s Investment Paradox

Multimodal Transport and Railway Systems – King’s Cross, London

With this article I will be starting a new series of posts, which will analyse several innovative multimodal transport and railway systems across the world. Efficient transport and logistics solutions are becoming increasingly important in areas with high population growth and new innovative solutions are developed to fill the needs for efficiently working transport hubs.… Continue reading Multimodal Transport and Railway Systems – King’s Cross, London

All Roads Lead to Rome

In the past three months, I have been working on a project for the city of Pula in Istria. The project is a feasibility study for the Pula Kulturring initiative, which aims to rehabilitate and promote the main cultural heritage of Pula within one innovative place brand, including the historic sites on the stretch between… Continue reading All Roads Lead to Rome

The (Dark) Art of Procurement

Procurement is a necessary process that involves an organisation acquiring services from an external source, in a structured and accountable way. Limited or open procurement is a common method for obtaining consultancy or other services throughout the world. When a tendering process is initiated it should allow a fair and confidential opportunity for bidders to… Continue reading The (Dark) Art of Procurement