Innovative Sustainable Re-development – Masdar City

This blog article is about Masdar City, a new city project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The dual core of this project is innovation and sustainability. The goal is to extend the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the new city, by growing new neighbourhoods around the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The institute is… Continue reading Innovative Sustainable Re-development – Masdar City

Ken Singer on Opportunity Identification

Ken Singer is the Managing Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology and the University of California in Berkeley. He gave an interesting speech on how to identify potentially disruptive opportunities at the European Innovation Academy in Nice, France last Tuesday. The presentation was published on SlideShare and I embed it here below. In… Continue reading Ken Singer on Opportunity Identification

How to Ignite Innovation

The Innovation Challenge Most readers of this blog are innovation practitioners in the public or private sector. We at Bearing work with projects to transfer knowledge and competence about innovation to create economic growth, and like most of you, dear readers of this blog, we aim to create the right conditions for innovation management in… Continue reading How to Ignite Innovation

The (Dark) Art of Procurement

Procurement is a necessary process that involves an organisation acquiring services from an external source, in a structured and accountable way. Limited or open procurement is a common method for obtaining consultancy or other services throughout the world. When a tendering process is initiated it should allow a fair and confidential opportunity for bidders to… Continue reading The (Dark) Art of Procurement

The State of Global Entrepreneurship

Historically in rigid societies, peoples creativity and drive was not allowed much room for development of their talents beyond pure craftsman skills. The renaissance period changed this. Rooting back to the times of the medieval Guilds in Germany, craftsmen were given a special permission to operate as an entrepreneur, but training was restricted to apprentices… Continue reading The State of Global Entrepreneurship

Strategic Evaluation of eBay

Strategy implemented by eBay It can be argued that eBay’s strategy consists of elements of all four growth strategies, identified as: market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. eBay began operating in one market and over the years expanded its business to others, currently having a global presence in 37 markets (eBay). Companies that… Continue reading Strategic Evaluation of eBay

Croatia – Update on EU OPs and project funding calls

Today, 50 consultancy firms and about 70 other companies were invited to a EU information event that was organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Zagreb. It was an occasion to follow the news on how the EU Finances are going to be used in the next financial period, more specifically in 2015 within… Continue reading Croatia – Update on EU OPs and project funding calls

Open Innovation

Innovation is a key to the future.  To manage innovation companies judge projects on their technical and business merits,  on ever stricter criteria. This is  a ruthless process, in which many great ideas are generated at first,  then nurtured then in many cases… abandoned. Only a limited number of projects finally emerge from the project… Continue reading Open Innovation