International Festival of Creativity

The International Festival of Creativity (formerly the International Advertising Festival) was held in Cannes, France this week. It is a global event for those working in the creative communications, advertising and related fields and this week we have had many of the creative worlds celebrities arriving at Nice airport. 12,500 people attended and listened to… Continue reading International Festival of Creativity

Why I could never work for Lego

Like so many people, I’ve loved playing with Lego ever since I was young. Even today I still love opening the colourful box, tipping out the bags of brightly coloured pieces and then following the instructions wondering how this new Lego creation will come together. Lego’s greatest business turnaround from near bankruptcy to market leader… Continue reading Why I could never work for Lego

Unleash your inner innovator

In the video below, which was published by Financial Times this morning, David Kelley, Founder of the international design firm and innovation consultancy IDEO, and Tom Kelley, author of The Art of Innovation talk with Financial Times Ravi Mattu about a way to tap the creative spirit in us all through design thinking. Design thinking… Continue reading Unleash your inner innovator

Innovation in Industrial Design

"It all must start with an inspired, spontaneous idea." Most people of earlier generations are quickly forgotten. Almost all of us currently living will be. Only a few gain such recognition that our knowledge about them and their deeds are preserved through time. Today I visited an exhibition about architectural design in Villa Sauber by… Continue reading Innovation in Industrial Design


On the 4th to 6th December 2013, the Bearing team attended the successful EBN (European Business Network) Tech Camp 2013 event in Rovereto, northern Italy. The three day event was organised by EBN for Business & Innovation Centres, Incubators, Accelerators and similar organisations whose clients are new or early-stage companies growing innovative businesses. Providing innovation… Continue reading EBN TECH CAMP 2013

The Myths About Creativity That you Need to Stop Believing

Creativity is essential to entrepreneurship, whether you are a successful small business owner seeking solutions to an operational challenge, an aspiring entrepreneur pursuing your big idea or a veteran industrialist stuck in a rut. Many think that creativity is unpredictable and granted only a lucky few – I think it is rather the opposite. New… Continue reading The Myths About Creativity That you Need to Stop Believing

Manage your memory – the Nobel Laureates sharpest tool

During this week this years Nobel Laureates have been presented. The Nobel Prise is awarded annually to individuals and organisations that make outstanding contributions in their respective fields. What has been most important for you success – is the most common question Nobel Laureates has been asked over the years. Excluding family love and intelligent… Continue reading Manage your memory – the Nobel Laureates sharpest tool

Highlights of Architecture in Croatia

In the first days of autumn, with some moisture in the air but still a pleasant weather for sightseeing, on 27th September until the 29th September 2013. the 4th Congress of Croatian Architects took place in the city of Osijek. It was the fourth Congress of architects in Croatia, with some 600 architects participating. The… Continue reading Highlights of Architecture in Croatia