Trend Alert: Man-Made Travel Destinations

Some travel destinations are simply “born with” assets such as beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making them established and overcrowded. Throughout history these places didn’t really have to fight for attention or fight competition. In recent years, however, fuelled by innovations caused by digitalization and the Internet, a new kind of travel… Continue reading Trend Alert: Man-Made Travel Destinations

Microsoft and culture change

A culture that allows for innovation is a key to change and adapt to hyper competitive markets. This goes both for traditional manufacturing companies as for the high tech giants. In the video below, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, discusses with Walter Isaacson major changes the tech giant needs to take in order to lead in… Continue reading Microsoft and culture change

Why I could never work for Lego

Like so many people, I’ve loved playing with Lego ever since I was young. Even today I still love opening the colourful box, tipping out the bags of brightly coloured pieces and then following the instructions wondering how this new Lego creation will come together. Lego’s greatest business turnaround from near bankruptcy to market leader… Continue reading Why I could never work for Lego

Change management – an essential condition of a successful strategy implementation

The execution of a strategy is at least as important as the brilliance of the strategy itself, which means there is no successful strategy without using relevant tools to make it pragmatic and operational in the field. So, first of all, the successful implementation of a strategy stands on structuring and rational tools or techniques… Continue reading Change management – an essential condition of a successful strategy implementation

Innovative Corporate Culture From a Future Oriented Perspective

Yesterday, I gave a lecture at the University of Monaco on Corporate Culture and how to build an Innovative Corporate Culture. Quite clearly Innovation and Culture are two words that have as many meanings as there are people in this world. It is difficult to grasp the inherent something in the company. Also, in what… Continue reading Innovative Corporate Culture From a Future Oriented Perspective

Resources – Rethink in Iraq

As in any post war conflict country, resource/waste management is a task that requires systematic and long term thinking and is not always best managed by profit seeking corporations though good exceptions to that rule exists and many more will come. When changing a mindset of a whole nation towards resource use, one must obviously… Continue reading Resources – Rethink in Iraq

Changing the course…

Changing the behavior of individuals is one of the greatest challenges in a business and in the society as well. This article is prepared by Leyla Is and Sanjeev Baitmangalkar, experts within the field of Lean Management and cultural transformation. Recently we introduced our methodology on how to implement Lean within a municipality. We were… Continue reading Changing the course…