Impact the future of European Innovation

For those who want to be constructive and who are also creative there is  since yesterday an opportunity to influence the content of what the future version of the European Research Area (ERA)  will  Just click on Thanks to Jan Annerstedt, Professor at Copenhagen Business School and Senior Advisor at Bearing Consulting Ltd, for… Continue reading Impact the future of European Innovation

Thanks to all +60 innovation fans who joined in today

Today, Jan Snygg, Jörgen Eriksson and I had the pleasure to share our thoughts and experience to +60 of the Swedish Computer Associations most interested innovation thinkers. We had a great time, thanks to you all and hope to see you as well as other Swedish innovation champions at out new innovation management boot camp,… Continue reading Thanks to all +60 innovation fans who joined in today

The launch of the year

The 20th of October, Christer Asplund and Jacob Ikkala, together with Bearing Consulting Ltd, launch the new book “Place Management – New Roles for Place Managers in Rebuilding European Wealth”! In the new book of Christer Asplund, senior advisor at Bearing Consulting Ltd and one of Europe’s leading authorities on place management, he deals with… Continue reading The launch of the year

African Banking & Financial Institution Seminar

The seminar took place at the La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana. The main topics were the direction forward for African banking and financial institutions, addressing an insightful breadth of issues including capitalization, re-capitalization, liquidity, asset quality, regulation (incl. Basel II), risk management, corporate governance and more beyond 2010. Speakers from across the continent… Continue reading African Banking & Financial Institution Seminar

The Bearing Blog

Welcome to the Bearing Blog. Bearing’s experts work on a wide variety of projects, too varied to summarize here. However we share some common themes, particularly around innovation, location, change management and the online world. Location is becoming an increasingly important business concept. When we think of traditional markets we think of place, location and presence. Over… Continue reading The Bearing Blog

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