The Rise of the Robots in the Financial Industry

In financial markets, automated trading has been around for many years. Software such as the ORC Liquidator allows automated trading engines for derivatives. Trading firms and banks rely on ORC Liquidator and similar software to automate a wide variety of sophisticated trading strategies on trading venues globally. Algorithmic trading is designed to react extremely quickly… Continue reading The Rise of the Robots in the Financial Industry

The Future of Financial Services

The World Economic Forum have issued a new report on the Future of Financial Services. The report is very well written, and well aligned with projects we have done at Bearing for SWIFT and also new research on fintech clusters. For decades, banks, insurance companies and other asset managers have employed the same relatively static,… Continue reading The Future of Financial Services

Summer Reading List – Inspired by Greece

One of my first acts when I wake up in the morning is to check the latest with BBC news on my iPhone. As most mornings this summer, I woke up with headline news about the Greek debt crises. Not surprisingly, the European Union´s finance ministers could not agree on a new Greek bailout last… Continue reading Summer Reading List – Inspired by Greece

Private Equity Made Simple

This week, the Financial Times published a brief video which explains what private equity is all about. I first learned about private equity in the autumn of 1988, while I was studying the corporate finance course at Stockholm School of Economics. During that autumn, Kohlberg-Kravis-Roberts & Co (KKR) bought the huge conglomerate RJR Nabisco Inc.… Continue reading Private Equity Made Simple

How Hedge Funds Make Money

Being an avid reader of Financial Times, I like the educational videos they frequently publish. Below is one from today,  about how hedge funds differ from traditional investment funds and how they make money. Hedge funds make use of short-selling, leverage and discretion to magnify their gains, but as the FT’s senior investment columnist John… Continue reading How Hedge Funds Make Money

Investment Banking Fights Back

The 2008 financial crisis disrupted the banking industry in more ways than one. By hardening of banking regulation, the entry of new fintech players, who not only provide technology but are service providers by themselves, and also the ever-changing digital technologies, the banking game just isn’t what is used to be, as we have documented… Continue reading Investment Banking Fights Back

Opal Exchange Monaco – Networking at its best

“It’s not about what you know — it’s about who you know.” Monday and Tuesday this week, I attended Opal Exchange Monaco, an invitation only event held annually at Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. I have attended the event before, but this year the arranger Opal had outdone themselves. The quality and level of people… Continue reading Opal Exchange Monaco – Networking at its best

Collaboration with Siemens in Africa

Bearing works with projects related to innovation and growth, for both public and private sector clients. Most of our engagements are complex, integrated projects, where the process to develop vision and strategy, as well as detailed planning and execution are keys to success. Many of our engagements are public private partnerships, involving actors from all… Continue reading Collaboration with Siemens in Africa