The impact of behavioural sciences on research methods

Many organisations now engage with the idea of applying behavioural insights to their organisational challenges, since  these issues  require behaviour change of some kind. What is more, many companies, charities and public bodies are recognising the power of  testing their products and policies in real world environments. Therefore, it is crucial to acknowledge the  increasing… Continue reading The impact of behavioural sciences on research methods

A typology of street patterns

The interrelationship between transport, streets, and urban patterns, which has been the focus of multiple professions including urban planning, architecture, geography, and transport engineering is truly fascinating. Journal of the Royal Society Interface propose a quantitative method to classify cities according to their street pattern. They   use the conditional probability distribution of shape factor of… Continue reading A typology of street patterns

How Mindfulness Cultivates Innovation

Innovation is about taking chances and taking risk and not being afraid to ask yourself new questions. I believe that innovation is about believing that change can happen and as most people are afraid of change, maybe I should rather say it  is about evolution. It is looking at where we have been and where… Continue reading How Mindfulness Cultivates Innovation

Collaboration with Siemens in Africa

Bearing works with projects related to innovation and growth, for both public and private sector clients. Most of our engagements are complex, integrated projects, where the process to develop vision and strategy, as well as detailed planning and execution are keys to success. Many of our engagements are public private partnerships, involving actors from all… Continue reading Collaboration with Siemens in Africa

Smart Home Devices

I have recently watched an interesting programme which focuses on listing  some of the products that could be coming to our homes in the near future.The newest  smart home devices  that are being designed to fit seamlessly into our lives.  Smart Mirror With the help of sensors and facial recognition software (the same kind as… Continue reading Smart Home Devices

Cleaning up high energy appliances in Europe

An intriguing piece of European Union legislation came into force earlier this week which will affect every home across Europe. From 1st September 2014, it now illegal to manufacture or import vacuum cleaners into the European Union which are above 1600 watts in power. The new EU directive is targeting high power appliances which are… Continue reading Cleaning up high energy appliances in Europe

Animate Technologies : Baby X

One of my friends, who    specialises in cognitive computing, has recently shared with me  neurobehavioral animation research which focuses on  modelling  the brain processes that give rise to behaviour and social learning and use these to animate lifelike models of the face which can interact with you. I was truly astonished and decided to write… Continue reading Animate Technologies : Baby X

Cognitive Computing Systems for Neurosynaptic Cores

I have always had a strong interest in human behaviour and cognitive processing. That is one reason I am fascinated with innovation. Having worked as a  counselling psychologist, I have  been researching and trying to understand the individual’s unique subjective psychological experience to empower their abilities and full cognitive potential. I specialised in Psycholinguistics, which … Continue reading Cognitive Computing Systems for Neurosynaptic Cores

Game changers in Financial Technology

New technologies transform both life of the customer and the business life cycle. Innovation and advanced technology increase value of products and services offered by nowadays organisations. Recently I have been reading a lot  about innovation in the financial  sector and how important it  is for banks to become relevant to their customers by adopting… Continue reading Game changers in Financial Technology

Partnerships in action : Bearing introduces AHHHA

It is difficult to develop the best solutions in the vacuum, therefore we at Bearing know how important is to work with partners around the world.  Partnerships allow us to combine external innovative way of thinking and our long experience consulting for clients. I am pleased to share with you that recently we started partnering… Continue reading Partnerships in action : Bearing introduces AHHHA