The Final Future of Places Conference

The final Future of Places Conference will be held in Stockholm from today, 29 June to 1 July. This is the final of a series of three international conferences and it will involve some of the world’s most profound minds and dedicated professionals in dialogue on the subject of public space, placemaking and place governance.… Continue reading The Final Future of Places Conference

Vucedol – New Growth From Ancient Culture

After Croatian accession to the EU in July 2013, the goal of achieving good growth rates and sustainable development, as well as reduction in income differences as compared to the EU average, will require overcoming socio-economic challenges, such as building a stable and competitive economy, positive demographic, lower socio-economic differences, a successful environmental policy, promoting… Continue reading Vucedol – New Growth From Ancient Culture

Matija Derk on the need for Innovation Environments

Matija Derk is a Senior Advisor with Bearing and has a background as Assistant Minister of Regional Development in Croatia. During his time in Government, he was responsible for preparation of all strategic documents necessary for the use of EU funds in the financial period 2007-2013, as well as in the period 2014-2020. This included… Continue reading Matija Derk on the need for Innovation Environments

Return to Rail

Last Wednesday, we brought a delegation from the Kenya Railway Corporation to visit the Railway Museum in Gävle in Sweden, the national museum for Sweden’s railway history. The Swedish Railway Museum is tasked with acquiring, preserving and providing knowledge about Swedish railway history based on the national collection. The Kenya Railway Corporation (KRC) runs a… Continue reading Return to Rail

Power for Africa

Africa’s power sector is facing many challenges, mainly due to insufficient generation capacity which has limited electricity supply, resulting in low access and frequent power failures. The main obstacle to the increase in electricity generation capacity is the high investment cost of developing power generation plants. Many such initiatives fail already in a reluctance to… Continue reading Power for Africa

Kenya Study Visit to Stockholm

Bearing Group have this week hosted a senior delegation from the City of Nairobi, the Kenyan Railway Corporation and the Kenyan Government to a study visit to Stockholm in Sweden. Following on from the successful conference at Naivasha Lakes during May 2015, the study visit to Stockholm focused on looking at how the Swedish transport… Continue reading Kenya Study Visit to Stockholm

The Investment Climate in Africa 2015

Friday 15/5 I visited the Commercial Bank of Africa headquarter in Nairobi. CBA is the largest privately owned bank in Kenya with assets of approximately US$1.363 billion. I met them to discuss investment opportunities in Kenya and the latest trends in innovation in the financial sector, and how fintech is applied in Africa. It has… Continue reading The Investment Climate in Africa 2015

Nairobi Railway City Conference

Bearing have this week attended and presented at an important conference in Kenya, hosted by United Nations Habitat. The purpose of the conference was to agree a strategic action plan on a key piece of former railway land adjacent to the Nairobi Central Business District. Senior representatives from Bearing met with their counterparts from the… Continue reading Nairobi Railway City Conference

Nigel Hurst on Risk Management in Projects

The benefits of risk management in projects are huge. You can save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary delays if you deal with uncertainty in projects in a proactive manner. The result will be that you minimise the impact of project threats and seize the opportunities that occur, allowing you to deliver your project… Continue reading Nigel Hurst on Risk Management in Projects

Yoel Siegel on how to Initiate Development Projects

Today I had the pleasure of watching Dr. Yoel Siegel explain how to initiate urban development projects. I filmed the presentation and it is available to watch here below in a six minutes video. Dr. Siegel is working with project promotion and facilitation in Community and Regional Development, linking social dynamics with urban/rural economic advancement.… Continue reading Yoel Siegel on how to Initiate Development Projects