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Are you One of Us?

At Bearing Consulting, our people make our culture. They come from many different locations and backgrounds; they celebrate teamwork and pluralism, they are enthusiastic about taking on challenges and they continue to create an open, free thinking and welcoming knowledge worker culture.

Innovative thinking

We believe there are two major forces that make an organization successful: comparative advantage and competitive advantage. We combine our knowledge and experience with an edge of innovation management, empowering and developing organizations to create their competitive advantages.


Each of us has at least ten years of successful experience in our profession. Some of us are from global consulting and technology companies, some of us from careers in the public sector, some from investment banking, and some from a background of successful freelance or contractor work in the international financial industry. We also have a number of academics from top-ranked universities as well as former top executives.

The right stuff

We are always looking for committed and dedicated people whose expertise can make a real difference. To succeed in our company, you need to have experience of and like to work on assignment in a client’s office. Often you need to work “on the road”, with your laptop and your mobile phone as the tools of trade. To connect with us, you will need to use the latest technology such as Skype, Instant Messaging and shared workspaces on our internet servers. Most of us work internationally and travel several days a week.

Your reward

In Bearing Consulting, we are all partners in the success of the projects we work on. This means that your remuneration is directly related to the value of the work you deliver and build. Good performance can lead to excellent remuneration based on your contribution and our success.


There is a process for getting on board with Bearing Consulting. Often we maintain contact with our candidates for months or years before we initiate cooperation. It is important for us that there is the right fit and the right initial assignment(s) before a new colleague comes on board.

Career steps

We have three levels of consultants and a partner program:
  • Consultant: You are typically 25–35 years old, with high academic grades from a top-ranked school, willing to work hard and learn from Senior Consultants and Directors. You are employed by Bearing and you aim to develop to the level of Senior Consultant.
  • Senior level Consultant: This means you are very experienced and a skilled consultant within your area of expertise. You have a passion for teaching and knowledge sharing, acting as a role model and you have a strong sales drive. As a senior consultant you are an associate at Bearing.
  • Director level Consultant: This means you are a thought-leading expert within a specific area; publishing books, papers, giving lessons as well as driving the development of new breakthrough structural capital and reference cases in new areas within your field. As a director you are an associate at Bearing.
The most successful consultants are invited to become Partners in the firm. To be invited for partnership, we require several years of successful consulting, selling large projects, building teams, guiding new recruits as well as building structural capital and publishing work in books and articles.

Talent balance sheet

We are organised according to a combined career ladder and talent balance sheet, where expectations on the consultant and the consultants expectation on his employer are balanced and clear. Click image to enlarge.


If you think you could be one of us, then you are welcome to send a personal cover letter and your CV and/or consultant profile to: .

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- "I work with Bearing, as I enjoy to work with my experienced and competent colleagues in the int- ernational financial sector."

Richard Shaw,

Director, South Africa

- "Consulting provides me with the satisfaction of delivering meaningful solutions to a continu- ous flow of complex challenges."

Lars Egstam,

Director, Sweden

- "In Bearing Consulting, I enjoy challenging client projects and I work with excellent colleagues."

Mats Osterberg,

Senior Consultant, PhD

- "Working with Bearing gives me the opportunity to take part in in- teresting & challenging projects."

Mikael Sahlin,

Senior Consultant