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Bearing Consulting was created in 2004 from an idea that had been taking form in our minds for some years. We are all of us professionals with long term experience of complex, time-critical business projects and programmes, where we had observed how a lack of creativity, focus, structure and appropriate risk management could cause lower than expected results, unnecessary costs and delays.

Bearing develops methodology and publish books.

What We Do

Based on our experience of successful strategies for delivering projects, the vision we came to share was to provide our clients with a company of experts, who can help to maintain focus and deliver results beyond best practice on time.

We are management experts and we know how to plan, organise and run complex projects from start to delivery, or turn "problem projects" back on track. We are also functional and business experts, who knows the business side very well, from consulting work in some of the most forward-thinking organisations in the world.

How We Do It

We know how to organise and set up programmes, projects and re-engineer business processes for large financial institutions or financial departments.

We know how to optimise valuation formulas and risk exposure schemes. We know how to launch new brands and products and arrrange the most efficient payment solutions for online payments, and we know how to help you value your company and manage the process of taking in venture capital.

As we are experienced in the field of business growth, we also know how to help organising early stage companies to meet the challenges that arise in all phases of expansion or consolidation.

We look forward to your call if you think we can help you solve your challenges in a changing world.

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