The Bearing Wave in Kenya

MKTimes April EditionThis blog, The Bearing Wave has been around since 2009 and has reached a sizeable regular readership. Every day, several hundred people navigate to The Bearing Wave to read from the about 900 articles on the site. About half the readers come through Google and other search engines. About half from links on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, or are regular, returning readers.

Most articles we publish are original content, written in inspiration from our consulting work and research. Some articles are references to reports, research or news which we think our readers will appreciate to know about.

Writing original content is hard, but as strategy and innovation consultants it is our job to be analytical, to see patterns and make conclusions from data, and in our consulting assignments we train ourselves to be good at this.

Sometimes other sites ask to republish or have articles written by Bearing. However it is rare to be asked by printed media if they can republish.

Last month we got such a request, from The Mt. Kenya Times in Nairobi. It is a monthly print and digital publication that identifies and promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and creativity in prominent Kenyan industries. Mt Kenya Times claims to be the industry leader in creating high-value content for engaging targeted audiences, and by the look of their content they are doing well.

From April 2016, The Mt. Kenya Times have asked to republish Bearing Wave articles for their readers, and in the April issue they have done so with two recent articles. We are proud to see that content we write can be useful also for a publication in Kenya and we think it makes sense, as we regularly work with projects for United Nations Habitat, the business sector and Government authorities in the country. Below is a link to a PDF of the April issue of the publication.

MKTimes April 2016

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