The Global Economy since 1980 in 20 seconds

time-person-of-the-year-1980-ronald-reaganMany of my friends were born around 1980. It was the same year I entered high school and also the same year I travelled around in Europe for the first time, the brave teenager I was. Back then I had to show my passport at all borders and I got proper passport stamps.

The world has changed immensely in the 36 years since then. The demise of the bipolar capitalist-communist world, economic liberalisation, globalisation and the rise of multinational corporations and the border less internet have played their part in the changing the face of the global economy since 1980. has put together a Voronoi diagram showing the change in GDP of the world’s largest countries from 1980 to 2015. Using data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the diagram shows how the economies of these countries have changed during this time period.The size of countries and regions are shown as relative to the size of their economies in terms of nominal GDP.

35 Year of Global Economy in one video

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