The World in 2016 – According to the Economist

The Economist Christmas issue 2015

Seasonal holiday time, a time with few work e-mails and even less phone calls. A time to reflect, rest, catch up on writing and not the least a time for family.

This year my son is visiting New York and other family members are away with different priorities, so I have plenty of time both for catching up on work and catching up on reading.

Every year since the 1980s, one of my Christmas rituals is to lean back in a good reading chair and indulge in The Economist´s annual Christmas double issue.

Most weeks I read the Economist newspaper on my iPad while travelling, but for the holiday tradition I unwrap the paper issue to enjoy a few hours of the really intelligent journalism which only The Economist seems able to produce. The Economist is and always has been a publication of sometimes radical opinion with a reverence for facts, which is something I like.

There are a few newspapers and magazines, and now also websites, which I read regularly. My favourites are The Financial Times, Monocle, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, and The Economist, and if I had to choose only one, it would be the latter.

The Economist also publish an annual supplement with excellent articles about the new year to come. This year they have also made a half-hour video, and I recommend a watch. Click on the video image below to enjoy.

The World in 2016

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