Emerging and Frontier Markets Investment Perspectives


Today I attended a full-day workshop in Monaco, about the current state of emerging and frontier markets. The workshop was led by Dr. Marcus Goncalves from Nichols College, and it was not about investment ideas or recommendations. Instead, it was about analysing the fundamental global macroeconomic forces and trends which enables us to better understand the market forces at play.

The workshop made a compelling case that, just as today’s global business investors and well-rounded investment portfolios focus on mature markets with limited emerging market exposure, tomorrow’s investment allocation should include increasingly more focus on emerging and frontier markets.

Widely considered to be the next emerging markets, frontier markets, such as those of sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, south-east Asia and selected Central and South American countries, are showing strong signs of reaching economic critical mass and stability.

I enjoyed the workshop very much as it was about fact-fact based economic and trend analysis, rather than second-hand opinions. The frontier economies are definitely becoming more viable investment options, as we identified already in this blog article in 2012.

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