Cities in Numbers–How Patterns of Urban Growth Change the World

Screenshot 2015-11-26 11.40.39Manchester based The Guardian has been around for close to 200 years, and in recent time the newspaper has developed an excellent website. Along with Financial Times, The Atlantic and The Economist, it has become one of my favourite news sources. As many newspapers have conformed to provide news and not analysis, The Guardian has turned the other way, and competes for readers with fact based analysis and background briefs.

Today my friend Marco Kamiya at UN Habitat pointed out a very interesting new article on the Guardians website. It is about how patterns of urban growth brings change the world.

We all know the aggregate statistic that the world is heading towards 70% urbanisation by 2050. The Guardian article with data from London School of Economics Urban Age Programme analyses the regional differences in demographic, economic and environmental change. I highly recommend Place Managers out there in cyberspace to read this.

Urban Growth Per Hour

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