Official video recordings from Future of Places III

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The full set of video recordings from the Future of Places III Conference in Stockholm 29th June to 1 July are now available on YouTube. Below is an index with links to the videos. We have published some of the speeches here on this blog while the conference was on-going. However the recordings below are made with professional equipment and more clear and crisp in both sound and video.

The Future of Places forum was arranged and financed by Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson foundation and has as collaborative partners UN Habitat and Project for Public Spaces. The overall purpose was to indicate the importance of public space and placemaking in city planning for Habitat III in 2016. The means are three international conferences (2013, 2014 and 2015), national seminars, books and reports and there will also be an exhibition at Habitat III.

Monday 29th June Session Topic
Opening session
Peter Elmlund Introduction
Conny Wahlström Message from the Swedish Ministry for Housing and Urban Development
Thomas Melin Towards Habitat III
The City We Need Debate
Urgent message to Habitat III Mod. Robert Adam
Christine Auclair Towards the City We Need
Eugenie Birch The global conversation about cities
Inga Björk-Klevby The drafting committee
History and Future of Places and their Everyday Use
Jeffrey Fleisher Multiple Histories of Public Space
Bruce Katz Rise of Innovation Districts
Eva de Klerk Bottom up Developement
Panel discussion
The Design of Places
Doug Kelbaugh Urban cool
Harrison Fraker Environmental Performance of the Public Realm
Panel discussion
Mike Lydon Tactical Urbanism
Ludo Campbell-Reid Placemaking in Auckland
Panel discussion
Speed presentations
Session 1 Mod. Ryan Locke
Session 2 Mod. Elha Karimnia
Session 3 Mod. Sofie Rådestad
Thuesday 30th June Session Topic
Inga Björk-Klevby Report from day 1
The City We Need Debate
Kajsa B Olofsgård Urban dimension of Post 2015
Jacques Lapouge Cities and COP21
UN agencies panel Public Space within the UN System
Julian Agyeman Just Sustainabilities
Problems in Paradise
Saskia Sassen Who Owns the City?
Richard Sennett The Open City
Panel discussion
Academic sessions report Mod. Michael Mehaffy
Wednesday 1 July Session Topic
Robert Neuwirth The Economy of Informal Settlements
Arif Hasan Density, Ecology and Human Settlements
Panel discussion
Complete streets
Hans Karssenberg The Street at Eye Level
Andres Borgotharay Social Life and Movement in Cities
John Massengale The Vision Zero
The social life in cities
Fran Tonkiss Social Life of Urban Form: Size, Density, Diversity
Kate Jones Planning with policy
Vikas Mehta Streets and Social Life in Cities
Panel discussion
Constituent Groups chairs panel
Closing Session

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