North Koreas First Western Concert


When we all give the power / we all give the best
Every minute of an hour / don’t think about a rest
Then you all get the power / you all get the best
When everyone gives everything and every song everybody sings.
– Laibach, 1980s

Place branding can take many forms. Sometimes well-noticed events shake up the image of a place and make us think of perspectives. This week a revolutionary event took place in a Asian city that most likely no reader of this blog have ever visited, which is like frozen in time since the 1950s.


Few places on Earth remains isolated, and post-WWII North Korea is one of them. The Slovenian rock band Laibach says their concert in Pyongyang on Wednesday this week was the first first Western act to perform live in the North Korean capital. As taken from another time, the songs were accompanied by images styled from North Korean propaganda posters projected on to a screen, with translations in Korean. Apparently Kim Jong-un did not attend. Click on Play below to see some highlights, courtesy of BBC.

Laibach and North Korea´s first Western concert

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