How to be a Better Professional

image-for-PD-blog[1]Everyday we meet many different personality type of speakers, managers, leader etc. Some of them we joyfully listen and follow, some of them leave no respect or appreciation in us. A third group set  us with indifferent aura as the conveyed mixed massages  does not reach the audience or has unclear purpose.

In any case, in the beginning we openly approach them willingly  to take the best of those wise, professional’s experiences in order to motivate and guide us throughout  our daily straggling and successes.

Below is a video with Mark Sanborn, international best selling author and noted expert on leadership, team building, customer service and change. Through his long career, he has advised American companies such as Costco, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, FedEx, Harley-Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, KPMG, Morton’s of Chicago, New York Life, RE/MAX, ServiceMaster, ESPN, GM, IBM, Avnet, Sandvik and John Deere on leadership and change.

Mark SanbornNothing could  present better  Mark’s understanding  of what  powerful Leader, Manager, Colleague, could be and what we all need to achieve as well in order to get out all our potential and to create achievements, than to watch one of his speeches.

This link will show you  not a simple story telling,  but how to build Trust, Framework, Attention and Experience in order to touch each person emotions, person you work with, you are committed to, or have contractual obligations to. It is a simple way to show, how to make difference in what YOU do. Starting from today! Enjoy watching.

Mark Sanborn

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