The Networked Society is Happening Right Now


During the Kenyan study-tour to Stockholm last week, we had a presentation by the Swedish multinational provider of communication technology and services, Ericsson, on the networked society. Not only we humans but also all our devices and things will soon be “connected” to the internet, and as they are, the real power of big data will be available to develop smart systems. To prepare for this, we need to transform for innovation, as the illustration below shows.


The new solutions that are being developed by technology giants like Ericsson are very promising for the future management of cities, but for the emerging world and cities like the Kenyan capital Nairobi, I think they may sound like science fiction. for a society where potholes and lack of road repair is a major issue, smart technology for management of traffic is a problem quite high up on the needs ladder.

Anyway, the full smart city concept does not need to be implemented at once. Introduction of smart city concepts can start with pilot projects for water and power generation and distribution, and step by step upgrade a city. The illustration here below is quite telling about what the ambition is.


The presentation, which was given by Olle Isaksson, Head of Strategy for the Business Line Industry & Society at Ericsson, can be downloaded through the link here below, and watched on the video at the end of this article. The video is in three parts.

Olle Isaksson on the networked society


Olle Isaksson part 2


Olle Isaksson part 3

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