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Last Wednesday, we brought a delegation from the Kenya Railway Corporation to visit the Railway Museum in Gävle in Sweden, the national museum for Sweden’s railway history. The Swedish Railway Museum is tasked with acquiring, preserving and providing knowledge about Swedish railway history based on the national collection.


The Kenya Railway Corporation (KRC) runs a railway museum in Nairobi, Kenya, adjacent to Nairobi railway station. The museum represents the historical growth of the country and narrates the tale of Kenya´s evolvement, as the railway was central to the development of the former British colony. The emergence of a new central business district in Nairobi will take place on the surroundings of the railway station and the museum.

imageThe purpose of the visit to Gävle was experience exchange and to sign an agreement of intent, to share knowledge, ideas and professional networks in order to increase efficiency and value to both businesses.

The Managing Director of the Swedish Railway Museum, Robert Sjöö, gave a presentation which is captured in the video below.

In the audience we can see both the Chairman of KRC, General Jeremiah Kianga, and the Managing Director, Atanas Maina Kariuki.

The Swedish Railway Museum

I took some pictures from the Nairobi Railway Museum when I visited the site in March this year.


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