Kenya Study Visit to Stockholm


Bearing Group have this week hosted a senior delegation from the City of Nairobi, the Kenyan Railway Corporation and the Kenyan Government to a study visit to Stockholm in Sweden. Following on from the successful conference at Naivasha Lakes during May 2015, the study visit to Stockholm focused on looking at how the Swedish transport infrastructure around the nation’s capital has been developed to ensure a seamless and efficient system of a high quality, and how former railway land has been successfully redeveloped.

The five thematic days of the visit focused on:

  • Integrated Land Use/Transport
  • Sustainable Urbanism principles
  • Municipal and Project Finance
  • Global Economy and Innovation 
  • Project Planning and Risk Management

The study visit included a series of meetings with senior representatives from Jernhusen, SKL International, the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Municipal Finance Experts and White Architects, and also presentations on solutions for emerging markets by Ericsson, Siemens and Bombardier.

IMG_3365Bearing Group are working with United Nations Habitat, the World Bank and the authorities in Kenya to develop a former piece of railway land in the centre of Nairobi to be developed as a new Central Business District (CBD).

Discussions are continuing on how the site can be best utilised in a sustainable and efficient manner, taking into consideration the challenges of this rapidly expanding East African city.

The week long study visit was a successful exchange of ideas and best practice and has led to agreements of greater collaboration between the City of Stockholm and the City of Nairobi.

The 29 delegates from Kenya are now returning home with new ideas and fresh insights into the possibilities of how the Nairobi site can be developed. Further workshops are planned over the summer in order to continue the momentum of this exciting project.

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