Handshake for Innovation

Handshake Innovation

Handshake is the World Bank Group´s journal about private-public partnerships (PPPs). Handshake’s “Innovation” issue now online on a redesigned searchable website, which contains an archive of the 16 latest issues.

What does innovation mean in the context of PPPs? Handshake‘s “Innovation” issue offers insights from government officials and private sector partners alongside case studies of practical, replicable solutions from Barcelona to rural Africa.

The World Bank Group’s PPP journal has added several features, including a section that profiles PPP units across the globe, and a new column, “Master Class,” that provides a PPP 101-style lesson on a specific technical aspect of PPPs.

These and Handshake‘s other articles on innovation in PPPs explore real-world situations that PPP officials and advisors face every day, whether designing a partnership or wrapping up the final details after implementation.

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