Place Management Success in Uppsala

imageBearing have this afternoon completed a successful 24 hour Place Management training session with the key senior representatives from the Uppsala Region who are instrumental in developing the updated regional development plan.

Taking place at the magnificent 14th century Viks Castle (Wiks Slott) in Uppland, a historical province on the eastern coast of Sweden, the course was run from lunchtime to lunchtime and included lectures, workshops and group discussions on place management issues, aimed at uniting the stakeholders, developing mutual understanding of the key challenges and risks and ensuring the next stages of the development of one of Europe’s strongest growth areas is a complete success.

An extremely positive and lively audience engaged actively in the training. Tomas Stavbom of the regional development agency showed exceptionally bold leadership by bringing together 25 key stakeholders from across the region for this unique event.

imageFeedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive with valuable ideas and opinions captured, which will be incorporated into the regional development plan as well as in the stakeholders own municipalities and organisations.

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