How Exponential Technologies Will Disrupt the World

Peter H. DiamandisAt the World Economic Forum in January this year, Peter H. Diamandis gave the interesting speech below. He is the founder of the Singularity University, a response to the need for continuous, lifelong learning among professionals in today’s working world.

He is also the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. In the book, Diamandis argues, we could be at the threshold of a future where nine billion people have access to clean water, food, energy, health care, education, and everything else that is necessary for a first world standard of living, thanks to technological innovation. But only if we manage the opportunity well.

In the speech at the WEF, Diamandis talks about the current pace of change, the opportunities and challenge of todays hyper competitive world, and he says we should beware the Kodak moment. We all need to wake up to the potential threats and opportunities of disruptive technologies.

According to Diamandis, influence on the direction of change is not limited to the elite, it is open to anyone who cares and has a passion and understanding of the opportunities of new, converging exponentially developing technologies.

How exponential technologies will disrupt the world

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