Change by Design

I am a huge fan of design thinking concept, and as described in one of my previous posts, this  increasingly popular trend in business, helps in meeting challenges, solving realistic and complex problems and finding desirable solutions by combining creative and critical thinking that allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, situations to be improved, and knowledge to be gained.

Tim Brown is CEO and president of IDEO. He frequently speaks about the value of design thinking and innovation to business people and designers around the world.

I have recently read his  book “Change by Design” and I was truly impressed how interestingly this book introduces the idea of design thinking. launch-26-changebydesign-pop_488

I strongly recommend it to better  understand  the collaborative process of  designers  methods  to create  a viable business strategy.

Also, have a look at a brief interview with Tim Brown, who talks more about how creative leaders are seeking to infuse design thinking into every level of an organization, product, or service to drive new alternatives for business and society.

In short, design thinking converts need into demand. Its a human-centered approach to problem solving that helps people and organizations become more innovative and more creative.

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