The State of Global Entrepreneurship

IAmEntrepreneurHistorically in rigid societies, peoples creativity and drive was not allowed much room for development of their talents beyond pure craftsman skills. The renaissance period changed this. Rooting back to the times of the medieval Guilds in Germany, craftsmen were given a special permission to operate as an entrepreneur, but training was restricted to apprentices of craftsmen who held a Meister certificate.

First used in 1723, the term entrepreneur implies qualities of leadership, initiative and innovation in business.

Today the term is closely related to innovation. As Joseph Schumpeter wrote “Innovation is creative destruction, where entrepreneurs combine existing elements in new ways”, and we very much look to entrepreneurs as the drivers who in the market economies will bring development to future more sustainable societies.

Below are some numbers and other facts in an infograph from the World Economic forum, on the state of global entrepreneurship today.



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  1. New to this blog, I am thrilled with the apparent large-scale globalization of entrepreneurial innovation. By that I mean innovation that truly changes the world vice that which results from new incrementally evolving science, technology, engineering, design and manufacturing, operational processes …..

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