Partnerships in action : Bearing introduces AHHHA

ideasareworthlessIt is difficult to develop the best solutions in the vacuum, therefore we at Bearing know how important is to work with partners around the world.  Partnerships allow us to combine external innovative way of thinking and our long experience consulting for clients. I am pleased to share with you that recently we started partnering with  AHHHA ,  an online platform that facilitates collaboration between innovators and trend setters.

Accordingly to Matt Crowe , Founder and CEO of AHHHA :

A principal concern facing businesses today is the rise of Digital Darwinism, and one Silicon Valley based startup business-to-consumer brands, a common thread is evident – regardless of industry or business size. Successful companies possess real-time insight on what consumers want and continue to innovate based upon this. In order to stay one step ahead, the most innovative brands are targeting millennial audiences, who have grown up in and embrace – an age of collaboration and technology.

AHHHANeonIn the past there were two ways to conduct business: B2B or B2C. B2C focus was changing consumer perceptions towards products or services through cheeky advertising. As consumers grew savvier, market for companies to identify a target audience and provide insight based upon data gathered on consumers. However, technology has changed the way we communicate with one another, and has also changed the way brands interact with consumers. B2C companies are now able to capture data through open innovation and crowdsourcing, creating a real-time market research engine. This shift has given life to a new business model all together – consumer- to-business or C2B.

AHHHA C2B social ideation platform provides some of the most accurate data ever before seen in history. By substantially decreasing stimulating consumer engagement. The collaboration amongst users allows individuals, start-ups, and large enterprises to tap into a level of intelligence that in the business world – is invaluable.

innovate_logoHere in Bearing we really look forward to  all the possibilities we could develop together, where we can combine perfectly our experience and support the management of the projects which can benefit from the social ideation platform!

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