3D printer used to build houses in China

3D printing of houses in ChinaA construction firm in Shanghai has developed a house that can be mass produced by a giant 3D printer. The company uses a mixture of cement and construction waste to build its houses, which costs below $5000 USD per unit. The walls, structure and base of the houses are entirely a product of 3D printing. However the windows, furniture, roof, and other add-ons are from other non-printed material. The printer is specifically designed to print out the house’s walls and structure, layer by layer, and can produce up to ten complete houses in one day.

With the first machine age we got mass production with large quantities of standardized products, manufactured utilizing assembly lines. With the new technology of 3D printing, we will get customized mass production, and this will change the world. 

3D printer prints ten houses in 24 hours in China

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