Michael Bloomberg focuses on the World

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg, the successful Mayor of New York, seems determined to convey his place manager skills and government experience throughout the world. As he leaves his post as Mayor of New York on January he will start a new consultancy focusing on place management. His aim is to create a high-powered consulting group to help him reshape cities around the world long after he leaves office.

To build the new organization the mayor is taking much of his City Hall team with him. He has already hired many of his best-known and longest-serving deputies, promising them a chance to export the policies they developed in New York.

We wish Mr Bloomberg the best of success in his new endeavour! He is a source of inspiration for anyone with ambitions. His family was middle-class and he had to support himself to gain a quality education. As a result, Bloomberg parked cars as a student at Johns Hopkins University.

He later obtained an MBA from Harvard and went to work for Wall Street firm Salomon Brothers. In six years, Bloomberg made partner and got a share of the company. When Salomon was bought out, he sold his cut for a cool $10 million, and used his contacts on Wall Street to turn his passion for an integrated system of financial market information into a business that would alter the very nature of the financial industry itself. Then as we all know, he has been Mayor of New York for three consecutive terms since 2001.

Update 2013-12-18: Below is a video of a speech Michael Bloomberg delivered today, at the Economic Club of New York Luncheon, where he spoke on the Rise of American Cities and the Threats to Continued Progress.

Michael Bloomberg on the Rise of American Cities and the Threats to Continued Progress

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