Characteristics and habits of High Performers


clip_image004A high performer is a key contributor in any team, that focuses on doing a job that excels and more than satisfies clients and customers, and that typically know the right course to take to complete a project.

Considering success in work, high performers have a number of habits and characteristics in common. Business owners who understand how the average employee differs from the high performers can early in a recruitment process identify the high performer, and help the average performers to strengthen their productivity. Here follows some typical characteristics and habits that will support you in either reaching a higher individual performance rate, or help you as a business leader to distinguish the high performers from the average or even poor performers.

Goal setting

The high performance employees usually do not have problems setting their individual goals. They determine what must be accomplished, set goals accordingly and organise themselves to achieve these goals efficiently. High performers have the same list of tasks to accomplish as anyone else but the difference is that they make time to get them all done with no excuses.

Comfort is your enemy

Poor and even average performers tend to choose the fastest and easiest path to success. High performers face their largest challenges, stare right into its eyes, learn about it and embrace it. Undertaking tasks that may appear as too hard will teach you lessons you would not have learned otherwise, which in turn will make you stronger and more knowledge intensive.

Dare to fail

clip_image006Dare to fail, but learn from your failures. No one enjoys failing but everyone will fail; and high performers takes failure as an opportunity to learn lessons and refuse to allow them to disable them emotionally. Too many people take failure as a sign it is time for them to give up, high performers on the other hand, give it another go with a better plan for how to be successful the next time around.

Think positively

As outlined in one of my previous blog-post, training the brain to stay positive when times are rough can mean the difference between floundering and flourishing. One of the most important decisions you make everyday is your attitude; high performers actively choose to stay positive independent of circumstances.

Keep yourself updated

Regardless of work; high performers constantly keeps on learning and searching for new information. High performers persistently reads the latest research and articles within their field, and find mentors who can teach them new information that will help push them forward.

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