Visit Östergötland Place Management Development Workshop

Visit ÖIn partnership with East Sweden Business Region (ESBR) and Visit Östergötland, Bearing held a Place Management development seminar and workshop on the 20th November at the beautiful Hemslöjden building in Linköping, Sweden. East Sweden.emf

This seminar was one in a series of four where the goal is to prepare the regions’ tourism and hospitality industry for the ever more challenging global competition on the export markets. The audience were invited entrepreneurs and businesses from the industry within the Östergötland region. The event was an activity within the framework of a Government initiative, coordinated by Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth), under the label of “Främja Kvinnors Företagande” (Support of Women Entrepreneurship).

The audience were there to learn about how they, in an export context, can attract an increased number of tourists from the ever competitive world-wide market, become better Place Leaders and develop the local tourist offering in Östergötland.

The day was led by an international team from Bearing with extensive experience in regional development and international business project to promote the growth of the Östergötland region. 

visionThe day was divided into a presentation on the ideas of Place Management, including why it is important to understand the ever changing tourist market, the emerging international trends in innovation and tourism, why everyone is a Place Leader, how to improve local participation, how to become regional ambassadors and how to engage with visitors from the intended international target markets. A workshop then followed where the audience were encouraged to think and develop an “elevator pitch” to capture the region’s vision and strategy in order to increase tourism and profitability.

Bearing are now preparing to offer the same seminar internationally, where there is a desire to develop the local tourist industry and embrace the ever increasing global tourism trend.

Additional input by Lars-Göran Larsson.

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