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All over the world, Innovation is high on executive’s agendas. However what innovation means is not yet well understood, and even within organisations different interpretations can often be confusing.

On September 17 and 18, Bearing will arrange breakfast seminars about Innovation in cooperation with Frontwalker AB in Stockholm. The seminars will be held at Frontwalker´s office on Regeringsgatan 26 between 08.00 to 10.00, with breakfast being served from 07.30.

We hereby invite you to come to listen to Jörgen Eriksson and Sten Jacobson, as they present the latest and well proven ways to successfully work with innovation!

Picture of me 1The seminar on Tuesday September 17 will be for anyone working with development of a place, municipality or region and focus on how innovation can contribute to talent and investor attraction and growth. Please click on the link below to download the invitation.

Write to to register for the September 17 seminar.

Sten JakobsonThe seminar on the following day,  Wednesday September 18, will be for anyone in the private business sector who is interested in how  one can work with innovation to gain sustainable competitive advantages.

Write to to register for the September 18 seminar.

Innovation is seen as a key differentiator in markets that are increasingly hard-fought and it is destined to become ever more so as competitive pressures increase across all industry sectors. Innovation separates the winners from the competitors. In a world of hyper competition, pro-active and continuous work with innovation is imperative to gain competitive advantage.

Innovation manifests itself in a variety of forms. It can drive new service and product offerings and development of brands, ways of marketing, business models, delivery channels and so on, and it can also be at the root of new business opportunity creation and the launch of entirely new business models.

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