How to make efficient strategic decisions

imageFor a long time, specialists have developed models or theories in order to analyse the strategic environment of a company and make the good decisions in this context. These theories are often based on common principles, as for example the types of criteria used to assess the company position in its environment.

Plenty of consulting companies specialized in strategy have used these models, or others derived from, in order to support their clients for making the good decisions. For what result? Success for some companies but also huge failure for others.

in this blog post, we publish a case study on a new framework for strategic decision making. Click on the link below to download the document.

With this case study, we do not want to criticize the existing models considered as references in the matter. Indeed, our ambition is more:

  • To understand the philosophy of these theories
  • To show their advantages but humbly also their limits
  • To complete them in proposing a complementary view on the strategic decision-making in a company

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