1. Hi Jasmine,
    Nice to make your acquaintance – I joined Bearing a mere few weeks ago, based in South Africa, Johannesburg.
    I would, very much, like to compliment you on your latest blog re. networking – really very intelligent, incisive, intuitive and simply explained.
    We all need guidance in networking, constantly … it’s an on-going experience. And, your supper clubs make a huge amount of sense.
    Many kind thanks,

  2. Dear Dorian,

    Welcome to Bearing and thank you very much for taking your time to read my post and for your positive feedback. Yes its an ongoing learning process and its fun. I am trying my best to teach people how to constantly improve their networking process and see the fun in it.

    Hope you can make one of dinners when you visit Stockholm.

    Happy New Year,

    Kind regards

  3. Indeed Jasmine! I greatly look forward to one of those dinners!
    Warm rgds,

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