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A new study has been published on what Sweden is doing to attract talents in reality, which will be presented at this year’s Competence Fair (Kompetensmässan) in Stockholm on November 14th .100 Swedish municipalities have been interviewed about what is actually being done not only to attract talents but also to establish a long term relationship. The results of the study are presented accompanied with a toolbox containing 63 concrete proposals for actions.


The battle for talents

Today, winning the battle for talents is one of the most important growth factors for a location. The municipalities all agree on that. The Place Managers realize that the challenge lies in recruiting talents for key positions, something that has become a strategic element for places anxious to nurture their growth.

Many places around the world are preparing for this battle by building platforms where private and public sectors cooperate in order to win. But what is actually being done in Swedish municipalities?

Means to success

The study highlights seven model examples: Jönköping, Nyköping, Sundsvall, Nässjö, Umeå, Hällefors and Mora. These places have discovered the strategic importance of Talent Attraction Management.
Notable among some of the most common measures pointed out by the 100 municipalities are:

· A proactive housing policy which offers a wider variety. There are also ambitions to communicate the offerings – often through the Internet.

· A more internationally marketable school with e.g. IB programs and other specialized trainings.

· Strengthening of clusters, science parks and incubators to display the business world and entrepreneurial spirit of the location.


· Efforts in order to speed up the integration of newcomers.

· Migrant Expos arranged in other locations – even abroad, especially in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

· A number of efforts are being made to facilitate for people visiting the location in order to try it out.

One of the main impressions is that Talent Attraction is managed by individual enthusiasts and that the strategic perspectives are just in the beginning of taking root – however, this only goes for a few Swedish places so far. The study concludes that this is a major barrier to growth in the entire country.

The study is developed in collaboration between Bearing Consulting and Södertörn’s University.

Read the full report here (in Swedish).

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