Place Branding in Russia

In Bearing, we have worked with place branding and place development on a world-wide basis. However most often we do our work communicating in the English language.

marketing places in russianDuring the recent decades, we have worked in several larger cities in Russia, but in 2005, as the book Marketing Places – attracting investments, businesses, residents and tourists was published in a translation to the Russian language, the exposure of our methods and ideas was brought to a much larger number of Russian readers.

The book was originally written by Christer Asplund and Philip Kotler in 1999. As the book was published in Russian, it opened up the field to a new and large number of small Russian cities.
The most recent attention on the topic is an article in the Russian edition of Forbes Magazine which we are proud to introduce to our Russian speaking readers. Click on the image below to find the online version of the article.

Forbes article

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